Exciting Changes At The Folly

Exciting Changes At The Folly

There are many exciting changed happening at The Folly for this coming season.

In conjunction with Tim Furbank of Oakbank Game Cover we have created a new game cover plan that will not only compliment the bird released but also help encourage the ever growing numbers of breeding grey partridge pairs. This is something that we are very much looking forward to putting into fruition as we are sure that this will make a huge difference, not only to the birds shown on a shoot day but also to the general biodiversity over the whole shoot.

We have are very excited about the changes taking place on the game farm for this season too. Last year we made the decision to introduce Sportsman Game Feeds to our rearing field due to the science behind its formulation and the excellent and unparalleled growth and feathering that it promotes. This is something that we are going to continue as we really saw the difference to the birds, both on the rearing field and on shoot days. We have also decided to employ St. David Game Vets to work with us on our rearing field to help ensure first class health of our poults. We have worked very closely with Kenny Nutting of S.t Davids to improve every aspect of our rearing field and the biosecurity that surrounds it, we have even sat down and designed a new style rearing shed that should offer the poults everything that they need from day 1 to release. This is something that we are very excited about putting into practice.

We are lucky enough to have access to Mycoplasma free pheasant chicks from over wintered stock for this coming season. Mycoplasma is a disease that effects a birds respiratory system, reducing the elasticity of their air sacks, creating a ‘bulgy eye’ and also severely increasing a birds susceptibility to most other diseases. Amongst game farmers and vets, mycoplasma is considered the biggest threat to the game rearing industry at present, far greater than bird flu. If you have any more questions about of birds, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Some of you may have noticed that we have a new logo. We have asked the team at Full Fat Designs to create a brand logo that would be instantly recognisable and portray the professional outlook that The Folly Sporting pride itself on. The team at Full Fat Designs have also designed a fantastic website for both the shoot and game farm sides of the business. Im sure you will all agree that their work looks great.

This is just a short over view of some of the changes happening this season. We are very much looking forward to the possibilities that all of these changed will provide and we are sure that you will all see the difference.

We look forward to seeing you all soon,

Kind Regards,

The Folly Sporting team.