The Folly Sporting 163

Game Farm

‘Prevention rather than cure’

At The Folly great care is taken to ensure that our poults are of the highest quality. Working very closely with both St. David’s Game Vets and Sportman Game Feeds, we have developed a programme that complements our ambitions of rearing birds using minimal medication. Using preventative methods such as regular disinfection, foot dips and nuitricuticals that promote gut health, we can ensure that birds from our game farm are only medicated at a last resort rather than as routine. This enables us to guarantee all of our birds come health checked with complete transparency and traceability from day old to delivery, ensuring you know the history of your birds right up to the day they arrive in your pens.


We recommend a Kansas/Bazanty cross pheasant. These birds are slightly smaller than a ring necked pheasant but they are exceptional flyers and hold well. If you are looking for a bird that will show your shoot off to its best, regardless of its topography, look no further. We are able to offer other pheasant breeds if you require something specific, providing you give us prior notice.


Partridges are a particular passion of ours. Reared on a veranda system to help reduce the disease risk, these birds are renowned for the explosive flight and their ‘hold ability’. Whether you regularly release partridges or you are looking to try something different, these birds are sure to spice up your shoot.